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Choice Analytical, Inc. Announces New ASTM method D8148-17 for Spectroscopic Determination of Haze in Fuels.

Clarity Choice hz

Color Choice hz

With the support of industry leaders and years of development, Choice Analytical is proud to announce the achievement of a major milestone. Receiving the ASTM method D8148-17 for Spectroscopic Determination of Haze in Fuels will allow the industry to quickly move past the antiquated subjective visual technique which producers and fuel transporters have been struggling with for decades. By providing both the Instrumental Haze Rating (IHR) as well as the proprietary Haze Clarity Index (HCI) which allows much greater specificity and a more detailed fuel rating scale than the visual method. The Clarity Choice hz and the Color Choice hz will provide fuel producers, users and transporters a much greater determination of a fuels clarity and quality than ever before.

In addition to the Clarity Choice hz, Choice Analytical Inc. also combines the new Haze method with ASTM, Saybolt and Platinum Cobalt/APHA Color. The Color Choice hz is the only instrument in the industry that complies with D8148-17, provides Haze Clarity Index (HCI) along with ASTM D6045 for Saybolt and ASTM color as well as ASTM D5386 for Platinum Cobalt/APHA color.

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