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Carbon Residue

Conradson Carbon Residue

Conradson Carbon Residue

Provides an indication of relative coke forming properties of petroleum oils. The residue remaining after a specified period of evaporation and pyrolysis is calculated as a percentage of the original sample.

  • Conforms to ASTM D189 specifications
Ramsbottom Carbon Residue

Ramsbottom Carbon Residue

Determines the ‘carbon residue’ left after evaporation and pyrolysis of a sample oil in the Ramsbottom furnace, providing an indication of the deposit forming tendencies of fuels and guidelines for the processing of refinery products.

  • Conforms to ASTM D524 and related specifications

  • Microprocessor temperature control with digital display and overtemperature cut-off

Micro Carbon Residue

Micro Carbon Residue

Determines the amount of carbon residue formed after
evaporation and pyrolysis of petroleum materials under certain
conditions and is intended to provide some indication of the
relative coke forming tendency of such materials.

  • Maximum Test Temperature: 550°C

  • Temperature measurement Resolution: 1°C

  • Furnace Cooling: by compressed air injection

  • Automatically controlled atmosphere

  • Maximum load of samples: 12 small vials / 6 large vials

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