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Programmable Liquid Bath for Low-Temperature Viscosity of Automatic Transmission Fluids, Hydraulic Fluids, and Lubricants using a Rotational Viscometer

LTRV baths are compliant with ASTM D2983 and related test methods.

  • Programmable Liquid Visibility Bath.
  • Windows-based, High-Resolution 7-inch Touch
  • Panel and Data acquisition system.
  • Fully ASTM D2983 Compliant software.
  • Superior data reproducibility and repeatability.
  • Replaces the need for balsa wood carriers.
  • Operating temperature range from +20° to-40°C (Optional -55’c model is available).
  • Temperature stability better than ±0.1°C.
  • Full visibility of the immersed sample.
  • Easy to Export Data to USB and then to other Data Processing Softwares.