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Emcee Model 1154 Precision Conductivity Meter

ASTM Standard Test Method D 4308

  • Four standard ranges provide high resolution and accurate direct measurement of electrical conductivity of fluids from.01 to 20,000
    picosiemens per meter (pS/m)
  • Capable of being modified to provide higher conductivity ranges
  • Optional capability to measure sample temperature
  • Mechanical design of the Conductivity (KSLA) Cell allows accurate self measuring of the test sample volume (100 mL)
  • Electronic circuitry automatically samples and holds the reading
  • Large five digit liquid crystal display
  • Internal self check calibration of all electronic circuits
  • Ease of disassembly and cleaning of the Conductivity Cell
  • Completely self contained powered by 6 standard 9 volt batteries monitored by a low battery indicator